Impact Ministry: Foster Care

God has given us an opportunity to be the good news solution to this bad news story in our community.

We have a bad news story in our community: foster care. This system, which attempts to bring health, hope and restoration to families, often leaves them lost, hurting and broken. Our church can solve the foster care system in Jasper County. We can bring these families what the foster care system can’t, the love and hope of Jesus. This weekend we were challenged by Mark to be a Leviticus 19 church and to “love your neighbor as yourself.” Maggie Schade and MD Neeley encouraged us to love orphans the same way Jesus does and consider being a foster parent, providing wrap-around support for local foster parents, volunteer at a Foster Care event and/or commit to praying for a film that CIY will be producing about the foster care system. We can do this. We can make time, space and energy in our lives to invest in children. We may not all be called to be a foster parent but we can tutor, wait in the pick-up line and share a carpool. We can provide weekend respite relief care, spend an hour a week mentoring a first grader or take a high school student out to lunch. We can cook a meal or clean a home for a foster family so they don’t have to. We can shovel a driveway or mow a lawn. We can coach a soccer team and cover them with prayer. We can volunteer at Foster Parent Night Out and make the church a safe and fun place for kids. We can purchase blankets for Bundles of Hope. We can be the hands and feet of Jesus. We can pray and speak truth and grace. We can model humility and compassion for parents who have made poor choices. We are the church. God has given us an opportunity to be the good news solution to this bad news story in our community.

Learn how you can be a good news solution in our Foster Care system

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