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Our assessment process is what we use to make sure we get you on a team that best uses your gifts and talents and gives you a chance to be excellent in your service. When it comes time for your assessment, you will be asked to sing or play both songs with the track that has your instrument taken out. Whether you play an instrument or sing, you will use the in-ear monitors, so make sure to bring headphones with you. After you play or sing the two songs, we’ll take a few minutes to have a conversation with you about being a part of Christ's Church Creative. The whole process should take about 30 minutes.

Fill Out Volunteer Questionnaire

After filling out the volunteer questionnaire, you’ll be contacted by a member of the staff to discuss your giftings and best fit team.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are you looking to hear from me during my assessment?

We are looking to see the gifts and talents that God has given you, including your own creativity and unique take on the two songs. Show us how you interpret the parts of the song. Show us how you can play your instrument or sing with an excellence that glorifies God. Show us how you can lead our church family to connect with God through music.

What should I bring to my assessment?

Bring your instrument and any accessories you may need to play your specific instrument. We will have cables, pedal boards, amps, drum sticks, stands, etc. We will also have chord charts and lyrics available, although memorizing the songs would be preferable. You will also need to bring some type of ear buds or headphones with you.

What if I’m not yet comfortable with in-ear monitors, playing with a click track, using the pedal board, etc.?

Take some time to practice with the tracks beforehand. Play with headphones in your ear to get used to hearing the music in that way. If you need to come check anything out beforehand, just communicate with us and we can set that up with you. Don’t worry, we can walk you through it as long as you communicate your needs with us.

Do I have to play/sing exactly what is in the track or on the chord chart?

Nope! If playing what is in the track for your instrument is most comfortable for you, go for it. But if you have a different way to play or sing parts of the songs, go for that instead! We’d love to see your own take on the arrangements we offer.

I play an “other” instrument, one that does not have a specific assessment track folder. What should I play for my assessment?

Play what you think would sound good for your instrument on each song. Show us your creativity and versatility. If you need help coming up with a part or something to play, just let us know.

As always, let us know if there are any questions we can answer or any issues we can clarify. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing what God will do in us and through us!

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