What Is Generations?

We have some big opportunities in front of us to do some radical new things that no other generation has had the opportunity to do. We’ve all benefited from the sacrifice of others, and it’s our turn to plant and to build so that others may experience the goodness of the Gospel.

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There are four opportunities for us in the next two years to plant and build on our engagement in the Gospel. An opportunity to make a difference in a community in which we will never set foot. An opportunity to create a space where our co-workers and friends can encounter Jesus for the first time in a non-threatening environment. An opportunity to make physical building improvements so that our kids can have age-appropriate discipleship opportunities. And an opportunity to build a new venue so that our expression of worship can expand and our available room for new guests can increase.


The Generations Campaign is not going to happen by accident or by waiting for someone else to do it. Instead, it will happen by God moving in the hearts of this generation. We have an opportunity to respond to Him and to commit to a deeper level of trust and sacrifice for the next two years. Let’s bet on God together, trust in His promises together, and sacrifice together so that the hope of new life in Jesus can go out from this very usable farm land to new generations.



There are movements of God that are so clearly an opportunity to make a difference in many generations that we must prepare ourselves to respond with urgency. One such movement of God is with our impact partners who are baptizing new believers and raising up church leaders in Japan. We have been involved with church plants in Japan through Mustard Seed Osaka since 2011, and an exciting new chapter is about to unfold.

An exciting new chapter is about to unfold for generations of Japanese lives that will hear about the hope of Jesus Christ.

As Mustard Seed has grown beyond the original cities of Nagoya and Osaka and expanded its reach into the cities of Kyoto and Kobe, the need to become a property-owning organization for legal and cultural reasons is becoming more and more urgent. Once they own property in Japan, their foundation for planting churches in more communities and more cities becomes dramatically more solid. By partnering with them to purchase strategic property for their church plants, we can engage in the spread of the Gospel throughout the country of Japan.

The work in Osaka and across Japan is something we are committed to because there are generations of Japanese people that need to hear about the hope of Jesus Christ. They are waiting for our engagement and investment.




We live in a community where many are unaware of or unresponsive to the message of Jesus and the hope it holds as our foundation in life. As we reach unchurched and unsaved people, we see an opportunity to reach out to a segment of our four states community that cannot or will not attend a church community on the weekends. In order to more effectively prepare God’s people to discover completeness in Christ, we desire to plant a new worship service on Thursday nights here on our own property.

In order to more effectively prepare God’s people to discover completeness in Christ, we desire to plant a new worship service on Thursday nights.

In many ways the implementation of this new worship service will seem like a church plant. We are asking the people of Christ’s Church consider serving at and participating in this new endeavor and making it your family’s worship service. We will promote Thursday night worship to our community at large so the word gets out to those who need to hear it. Thursday night worship will afford an opportunity to invite a whole new community of people—those that work or are unavailable on weekends or that are not receptive to Sunday morning church—to a non-traditional experience.

These services will be the beginning of our corporate worship weekend and will correspond with the same teaching we do in our weekend services.

Who could connect to a Thursday service?

Those not comfortable attending church at a traditional time (Sunday morning)

Those who are antagonistic to traditional church settings or skeptical of the church in general

Those who regularly travel on the weekends for work or family obligations

Those not able to attend on a Sunday due to work obligations:

Service industry professionals

Medical professionals

Retail / event professionals

Weekend laborers




Over the history of Christ’s Church, we have always prioritized the value of making sure our Children’s Ministry had the right kind of facility to worship, connect, learn and play. As Christ’s Church grew over the last decade, our children’s ministry inherited some parts of the building that were designed originally for other age groups and learning styles. The space we currently have allocated on our campus for children’s ministry needs to be updated, reallocated and made more safe and secure for the number of children we serve each week.

We want to reimagine the entire space from a child’s perspective and build a new ministry center in our current facility.

We have an opportunity in front of us now to start from scratch with our Children’s Ministry area in our facility. We want to reimagine the entire space from a child’s perspective and build a new ministry center in our current facility that is intentionally designed for the hundreds of kids that come to hear about the love and hope of Jesus every week.

We want a place of excellence for teaching, gathering, worship and play to be safe and age appropriate for the next generation.





Building a worship theater was part of the original Generations proposal. However, God is not leading us to accomplish this initiative at this time. Here is a little bit about the initial proposal given to the Christ’s Church community when Generations was announced.

Demographic studies for our area tell us that there are over 100,000 people in our community who are not engaged with a church family. At the same time, our Sunday morning attendance has swelled to a functional capacity since we shifted our service times in the summer of 2015. This raises a unique challenge for all of us to answer: Are we willing to grow beyond where we are now in order to open up seats for others?

We see a unique opportunity to position ourselves to reach new generations by building a worship theater adjacent to our main lobby.

Historically, this church has always answered that challenge with a committed “YES”, and that commitment by generations before us opened up the opportunity for each of us today to experience discipleship and community through Christ’s Church of Oronogo. Looking at both the trends in our community and at national research, we see a unique opportunity to position ourselves to reach new generations by building a worship theater adjacent to our main lobby and Adult Worship Center.

This new worship venue will be an intimate environment in order to provide alternative opportunities for smaller segments of our church family to gather for worship. By adding a venue of this size and doing multiple services on a Sunday morning at the same time as our current services, we will open the opportunity for at least 1000 more people to come hear the Gospel. By connecting the lobby of the new theater to our current lobby and doubling that communal space, we expand our reach while still staying relational. Worship in the theater will become an easy entry point for new guests who don’t want the overwhelming experience of the current Adult Worship Center. This worship theater will also serve as a place for the Thursday night worship service to gather.


How many seats will the new theater have?

While there are no official plans drawn up yet, conceptual drawings for that space show us that we could have between 500 and 550 seats in the theater. At 75% capacity over two services, we would have room for approximately 800 adults and the estimated 200 children that would come with them.

Where will it be located?

To maintain the relational aspect of our current lobby, we are going to attach the theater to the north side of the Adult Worship Center. The expanded lobbies will double our communal space and provide access to both venues. A new cafe and entrances from the west parking lot will be included in the new space as well. Ideally it would also connect to the Student Ministry Center North to allow a seamless, handicapped-accessible way to move people through the majority of our campus indoors.

What will the services be like in the worship theater?

There is a lot of room for flexibility and creativity in a space like this. Overall, we anticipate the music in this room being more acoustic than our current worship center. We will use simulcast technology to distribute the message to both venues. A unique setup of chairs in the room would give us the opportunity for different interactive elements that we aren’t able to currently do logistically in a room of 1200 seats.

How else could this worship theater be utilized beyond Sunday mornings?

We see many additional uses for this flexible space, including Family Experiences and Kid’s Klub Live for Children’s Ministry, alternative worship services for Student Ministry, Wednesday adult classes, seminars, retreats, simulcasts, Advent worship services, Impact Ministry Impact Experiences, weddings, and funerals.

Instead of constructing a worship theater, why not try . . .

  • More services / worship services in one of the Student Ministry buildings?
    • We know that Saturday night services are not sustainable culturally in this area. And Sunday night services are great for special things (Advent, for instance) but would not be ultimately sustainable week after week. We have tried services in the Student Ministry buildings multiple times in our recent history with little to no success because of their distance and separation from the rest of the campus.
  • Remodeling the old worship center (current YACC)?
    • We do not want to physically separate the two worship venues that much and lose the relational and familial aspect of what happens when people mix together in the lobby.
  • Expanding the current room?
    • While this is a viable option, we would only gain a minimal number of seats and would have an extended period of construction in the room where we are trying to gather.


Trust Levels

The ultimate goal of our Generations campaign is to see every disciple of Jesus risk a significant step of faith in God’s plan. For each of us, there is a challenge of faith by which we awaken our hope and life in Him.

For some of us, it will be to surrender ourselves to Jesus and become a disciple of who He is and what He asks of all of us. We all need to accept the offer of His salvation and Lordship. We need to repent of our sins, confess Jesus as the only means of our salvation and choose to surrender the path of our lives to His Lordship.

For some of us, it will be to become committed to the ministry of the church. This will look differently for each of us and will be as varied as serving others, sharing the message of hope that we have in Jesus, or sacrificing financially to bring about these blessings.

For all of us, being generous with our time, talents and treasures is the path of growth in our walk with Him. It can’t be done for us, it can only be done by each of us as a statement of our hearts and trust in God.

Our desire is that each believer would take one significant step in faith and grow in their trust.

1. Learning trust

Learning Trust (First Time Givers)
I do not give to my church, but I want to become generous toward God’s Kingdom. I will commit to giving financially and of my time and talents to see God’s work done in my life.

2. Experiencing Trust

Experiencing Trust (Occasional Givers)
I give to my church but not consistently. I will commit to giving regularly with intention to serve others and bring glory to God.

3. Established Trust

Established Trust (Intentional Givers)
I give regularly to my church but less than 10% of my annual income. I want to take a step of responding to God in with a tithe (10% of my income) as an act of submission and to experience God’s faithful care for me and my family.

4. Sacrificial Trust

Sacrificial Trust (Tithing Givers)
I know the blessing of tithing 10% and want to grow in trusting God more in all things. I want to not only bring a tithe but to be open and available to use what I have been blessed with to serve God and experience His guidance to become sacrificial.

5. Abundant Trust

Abundant Trust (Generous Givers)
I invest in God’s Kingdom with generosity and sacrificial faith. I want to begin to give away more than I keep and live in the daily need for the Lord in all areas of my existence.

One Fund

During the next two years, we are focusing our generosity into one fund. This is a single fund that includes all of our current ministries and all the expanded areas God is leading us to that you see in the previous pages. The challenge is for each one of us to sacrificially expand our generosity. Our goal is to raise a total of $12.8 million in commitments over the next two years to fund our current, general operating budget and to pursue the vision we feel led to accomplish for God’s glory. Our operating budget for the next two years will be approximately $8.3 million. The remaining $4.5 million dollars would allow us to accomplish all the new initiatives.

The Generations campaign will ask some to begin to give for the first time and experience trusting in God and it will help others to begin to pursue generosity in their relationship with God.

The Generations campaign will ask that some give beyond what they have been giving to trust God at a deeper level by sacrificing beyond what they previously thought possible.

The Generations campaign will ask of some to give from their current surplus of money, for others to liquidate some stored resources (property, possessions, investments, etc.) and for others to change their lifestyles so that they can say “no” to unimportant things as a means to saying “yes” to greater things.

We have been praying that with some beginning to give for the first time, others stepping into a more regular and consistent pattern of giving, and others giving generously beyond their regular giving we can continue to do the ministry we are doing and accomplish this vision of growth before us.

We invite you to ask God to show you what you can give to the Generations campaign in a two-year pledge of your generosity. Each person or family will be given a commitment card to pray over. On November 19 we will have a Commitment Sunday where our church family will complete and submit their cards in our worship services. Our challenge is to ask every participant in the ministry of Christ’s Church to pray for and commit to a response to the Generations campaign to advance one step further in their trust of God.


Beyond Financial Giving

Accomplishing the vision that God has laid in front of this church is going to require a sacrifice on the part of all of us. We are asking each household to pray and have conversations as a family about what they can give financially to support the new work and propel the love and hope of God to new generations. But giving financially is not the only way to be involved in the Generations campaign.

This Generations campaign can only come to fruition if we respond to God’s call to give with a financial sacrifice and a sacrifice of our time and energy. Just like taking a next step of faith in how you trust God with your finances, what would it look like to step into a deeper level of trust in how you invest your time and energy in these new initiatives?


You may not be able to travel to Japan or anywhere else our international impact partners are currently serving, but that doesn’t mean you can’t care for them directly. Our Impact Ministry has an opportunity for you to be a part of missionary care, a direct line of encouragement, prayer, and support to those partners who are geographically disconnected from us here in Oronogo. If your heart stirs by the good things happening across the world, or if you have a natural gift of encouragement and hospitality, join us in investing our time and energy in missionary care.


This initiative, more than the other three, cannot go forward without a strong commitment of time and energy from this church family. We have a clear vision for our Thursday night services, and that vision is that people who are uncomfortable or unable to attend a church on Sunday morning would have a safe and inviting place to hear the Gospel and respond to its call. And with new guests making up the majority of our Thursday services, we need to be ready to serve them and connect them to Jesus and the ministry of Christ’s Church. If the opportunity to serve and volunteer so that more and new generations can experience completeness in Jesus is exciting to you, would you and your family commit to serving on Thursday night for the first year?


With a remodeled space to teach and disciple children, we are anticipating a great deal of new momentum in our Children’s Ministry. If you’ve ever thought about serving in Children’s Ministry, now is the time to jump on board. There are plenty of ways to serve and disciple our children, from behind the scenes roles to group leader opportunities to on-stage leading. And with new children come their older and younger siblings. So if connecting with 5th-12th grade students or young kids and showing them Biblical truths and practical life applications is something that sparks excitement in you, we need your investment of time and energy in this important generation.


A new worship space attached to our current lobby is going to generate new opportunities for contact with people walking through our doors for the first time. And all of those new people are going to need a cup of coffee and a cookie! If the opportunity to connect people with the Gospel and serve them as they get connected to Christ’s Church excites you, then make the investment of your time in our Guest Services or Cafe ministry teams. And with simultaneous worship services happening, we’re going to need all the creative and technical gifting that this church family has to step forward. If you have something to contribute to Creative Arts, you can’t sit on the sidelines anymore!




Get involved with missionary care through Impact Ministry. Contact Matt Gilchrist or visit cco.church/nextsteps.

Contact Matt



Volunteer on Thursday nights for one year in Children’s Ministry, Early Childhood, or Guest Services. Recruit people who would attend a Thursday service. Contact Sue Creson or visit cco.church/nextsteps.

Contact Sue



Volunteer with age-level ministries (Early Childhood, Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry, Special Needs). Contact Zoey Harp or visit cco.church/nextsteps.

Contact Zoey



Volunteer with weekend ministries (Guest Services, Creative Arts, Cafe). Contact Sue Creson or visit cco.church/nextsteps.

Contact Sue

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October 29 - November 19, 2017

Generations Campaign Series

November 19, 2017

Commitment Sunday

November 19, 2017

Visit from Jay Greer of Mustard Seed Osaka

January 7, 2018

Generations Campaign Begins

December 30, 2019

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