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The church is the group of Jesus followers who actively participate in the Trinitarian life of God. They are resurrection people who make up the Kingdom of God and gather together to exalt God and be transformed by him.

If you want to explore Christ the best place to begin is with his body (the Church – 1 Cor. 12). We would love for you to connect with Christ’s Church of Oronogo, but we understand that not everyone’s circumstances allow them to. So we’ve put some important things to consider in determining what church you will call home.


Make sure that whatever church you choose is Gospel-centered. This means they acknowledge the importance of Jesus’ death and resurrection as our substitutionary atonement to save us from sin and death, and unite us in love and life with God, in the Son, through the Spirit.

of Scripture

Every church is under someone’s authority, so make sure the church sees scripture as the final authority. This will be obvious by studies they offer, the use of scripture in service, and its exposition in preaching.

If you are interested in getting more information or involved with Christ’s Church, come to Next Step Coffee or register for our Discovering Christ’s Church class.

Pathways is meant to show you key avenues to commune with God, so that our lives are characterized by living them with him.  Through Pathways we can KNOW GOD, GROW IN GOD, and GO WITH GOD.

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