Special Needs

We believe that every student has the ability to know, love and experience God. Our special needs ministry exists to partner with students with special needs and their families. It's our goal to enable students to see how they are loved and valued by God and then to equip them to share it with those around them.

How It Works

We use a buddy system to aid our students to worship and learn with their peers. We focus on learning each student’s abilities and teaching them how to use that for the Kingdom. God has big plans for these students and wants them to be a part of his Kingdom (Luke 14:23).

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Sign Your Child Up

We promise to care for your child. We promise to find ways to teach your child about who God is, as well as equipping them to serve Him. It is our goal to focus on your child’s gift and abilities, and then show them ways to use that for the Kingdom. We want to be there for you too. We want to build your family up. Our goal is to love and protect your family. Our hearts are for you. We promise to pray for your child.

Sign Up To Be A Buddy

As a buddy you are committing a certain amount of time, whether it be Sunday morning and/or Wednesday night, to partner up with one student. You will be assigned to a student and be trained on working with them. You will know their interests, talents and needs. It is your job to aid your student in full participation and help them discover the love God has for them. You are a key role in this student’s life. You will also have the opportunity to ministry to their family. You get to help connect our students and their families to a deeper relationship with God.

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