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About Brad

“I am at Christ’s Church because God has put a desire in my heart to love people who are far off from him. I get to do that in a lot of different ways here, so I am thankful that God has guided my past experiences to lead me to this moment and season. I am here to serve at the pleasure of my God, and am happy to do that by leading the Creative Arts team. I get to serve with the Creative Arts team to help shape how we worship as a church family. I love the freedom we have, I love team I get to serve with, I love the commitment to God’s word in all our teaching, I love the people of this church family and their hearts and attitudes, I love the unity of the elders, I love the life change that God is bringing on a daily basis, I love the relational focus of our staff, and most of all I love working in between a goat farm and a cow pasture in the steamy summer months.”

Brad married his wife Kelly on June 7, 2008. They have two children, Laney and Annie.

Brad’s favorite pastime: Camping
Brad’s favorite local place to eat: Woody’s (both BBQ and Woodfired Pizza)
Brad’s favorite band: Sufjan Stevens