Lindy Roberts


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About Lindy

“Eleven years ago God opened the door for there to be a counseling ministry at Christ’s Church. The church is a biblically based church with Godly elders who pray and seek His direction. This was an answer for my husband and myself as I was asked to help set up Haven Counseling. It is my place of employment, but also my husband and I love this church and our place of service to Him. I am the Director of Haven Counseling and a licensed professional counseling minister. I love that Christ’s Church is a growing and loving body of believers who want to put Jesus first. We are all part of His team!”

Lindy married her husband Phil on January 6, 1973. They have two children, Tressa and Tanner.

Lindy’s favorite pastime: Reading and swimming
Lindy’s favorite local place to eat: Red Onion
Lindy’s favorite super hero: Abraham Lincoln