Peter Buckland

Sr. Director - Personnel & Strategies

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About Peter

“Vana and I came Christ’s Church in the fall of 1997 when Tony Salva was the Children’s Minister. Our children instantly loved coming to Christ’s Church and we were pleased that they were so enthusiastic. My role as a professor at Ozark Christian College required me to travel a couple of weekends a month and I wanted our children to like going to church well enough that Vana would not have to cajole or fight them on Sunday mornings. Tony was also our neighbor and we felt doubly blessed to have a great friendship and fellowship with the church. I am an elder and staff member who is keenly aware of spiritual formation, discipleship, education, and relationships. I love the willingness of the church to try new methods to reach lost people and grow to be more like Jesus.”

Peter married his wife Vana on July 30, 1989. They have three children, Audrey, Austin, and Alex.


Peter’s favorite pastime: Wilderness backpacking
Peter’s favorite local place to eat: El Vaquero
Peter’s favorite invention: Toilet paper