Peyton Stamate

Student Discipleship Minister

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About Peyton

“I am at Christ’s Church because God is kind and this is home, in the deepest sense of the word. I began attending Christ’s Church when I was in 7th grade and ever since God has continued to grow my passion for Student Ministry. It took me a while to notice exactly what God was establishing here for me at Christ’s Church, but once I caught a glimpse, I was all in. I very soon went from being a student in the student ministry to being a volunteer, and now getting to serve on staff as the Student Discipleship Minister for the 5th-12th grade! I love the team I get to be a part of and the students, leaders, and parents that I get to partner with – I wouldn’t trade this for anything, it’s a God-dream. I am eternally grateful for this place. ”

Peyton’s favorite pastime: Sitting by the ocean and watching the waves.
Peyton’s favorite local place to eat: Club 609
Peyton’s favorite food: Breakfast Burritos