Surrender To The Light

My name is Sam Glover, I am a recovering alcoholic/drug addict but let me start before I even knew that.
I gave my life to Christ at age 27 in Chanute, KS, what a work God did in my life. I was a babe in Christ and unknowingly took on the enemy with a zeal I didn’t even understand. I crawled with him for two years and slipped back into the darkness. Life had happened and I did not really know how to deal with it.
That led me to a life without God and I really did not know him, I was in control of everything. I meet my wife Beck at the age of 32 and we married. We had our two sons, Ethan and Caden, everything in my mind was great, but really it was a train wreck in the making.
Little did I know that my enemy had a plan for me and I was ready to follow it and already was. My life and my family’s life was stressed and uncontrolled, my wife Becky was holding it all together. In those years I was tearing her apart with my self centered way of thinking, it was all about me and my problems walking without God. She, on the other hand, was holding on as strong as she could to God and our family. My life was an emotional roller coaster with ups and downs, but mostly down. When I was 37 years old, I was hurt at work and was introduced to opiates, I soon developed an addiction and satan’s master plan was in motion for me and my family.
I was addicted for eight years, coming up with anything I could to get my drug. I manipulated people, lied, anything to help my secret stay a secret. I was what addicts call a functioning addict, but that doesn’t really exist. During that time I was trying to free myself or just run from withdraws from opiates and started what’s called subproxin, they are supposed to help with the withdraws from opiates, but I just replaced the opiates for subproxin. I have a lot of back problems with nerve damage and my doctor would give me Gabapentin or Norton, my life was out of control.
In 2017, I divorced my wife Becky. I really did not want to but I hated myself; I was not living right, my pain was real and no one knew anything about it. During this time we found Christ’s Church of Oronogo and for Becky that was great, but for me, well, it was torture. I was not living for God not taking care of my family or myself. My secret was killing me, my anxiety, stress and shame were seriously high. I made life a living hell for my family by holding on to the lies and my secret.
2018 was the year satan’s plan for me would drive me to the point of taking my own life. God is amazing even in the darkness I found myself; in he came and rescued me. By the time I entered rehab I was taking three strips of subproxin, 8000mgGabapentin, smoking pot and totally hating myself, my family and God. I was ready to die. Even though God had put a ton of people in my life who loved me, I rejected it all. On October 29, 2018, I exposed my lie to everyone and God saved me from destruction.    
My name is Sam Glover, a recovering addict saved by the grace of God and one day at a time I surrender to God. My WIFE Becky and I are getting remarried January of 2019 and my Lord Jesus Christ is healing our lives. I had to surrender everything to him, no more secrets. Our enemy works in the darkness, God’s light exposes the dark areas in our lives.
To anyone reading this – you are not alone, God will show you the way if only you surrender, it is worth it. Today, January 31, 2019, I’m 87 days clean and sober living my life, God gave me one day at a time I love me.

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