Taylor Miller

Technical Director

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About Taylor

“I am at Christ’s Church because I love ministry and the church and Christ’s Church provided an opportunity to serve in a place my family calls home. As the tech director, I am excited to be at Christ’s Church to be a part of the worship and teaching and work my hardest to empower those essential ministries alongside volunteers. We also felt called to Christ’s Church because of the ways it serves and equips the surrounding communities. I serve by empowering volunteers to serve in the church and creating distraction-free environments for people to experience the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am most excited to see life change alongside a team that has a common vision.”

Taylor married his wife Madison on May 2, 2015. They have two children, August and Evelynn.

Taylor’s favorite pastime: Watching baseball
Taylor’s favorite local place to eat: HuHot
Taylor’s favorite superhero: Green Martian Manhunter