Sundays at 5:00pm | Adult Worship Center


The busyness of the holiday season will wear anyone down. The weekly Advent services are your opportunity to slow down, take a deep breath and experience the hope, peace, joy and love that Christ is offering so that you can be refreshed by Him each day of the season.

Daily Guide

Use the daily guide to aid you in your encounter with God this Advent season.

Christmas Impact


December 8 | 3:00pm
Christmas Impact is a wonderful opportunity during the Advent season for you and your family to serve and learn more about our Impact partners. This year you have the opportunity to pack meals that will be given to those in need. All ages are welcome. Cost is $5 and spots are limited.


Partner with local ministries Watered Gardens and LifeChoices to provide toys and supplies that will be used this Christmas and throughout the year. Stop by the Christmas Impact Station in the lobby to find out what items are needed and how you can help.

Come to the Christmas Impact Station and select from a wide list of needed baby items that you can purchase and bring back to the church. These items are combined and put together by LifeChoices to give to new parents. We have partnered with LifeChoices since 2002 to provide the needed supplies they use throughout the year as they serve and encourage new parents.

Watered Gardens
Each year, Watered Gardens sets up a Christmas shop where families can come and purchase new items for their kids. Instead of using money to buy the toys, they use their time and energy by working for them in the Worth Shop. This is an incredible way to restore dignity to these parents and let them earn gifts for their kids. Stop by the Christmas Impact Station in the lobby to choose what type of toy to purchase.