Sep 20

Repurposed to Care and Love

By Zach and Joanna Holden

This week we are visiting our stories archive and touching on the incredible story of Zach and Joanna Holden. Through God's love, the Holden's have learned what it means . . .

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Sep 13

On Getting Stuck In A Ditch

By Jonathan Wedge

I had been trying to be a good person by not being bad. I realized that I had fallen into a ditch. I was driving down our two-lane state highway here in Missouri one day . . .

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Sep 06

The Naked Truth

By Caleb Denison

Let there be light. That’s my story. I was floating in a deep void filled with darkness and then... the Word appeared. “And the earth was without form, and void; a . . .

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Aug 30

A Lesson on Prayer

By Sally Smith

In 2011, Betsy Ragsdale, Peggy Michael, and I met together each Sunday morning before first service to pray for the pastors, staff, and teachers of our church. Each week . . .

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Aug 23

God Is Good

By Julia Liberty

God has provided for me in my life in multiple ways these past couple years while growing in my faith with Jesus Christ. He has given me reassurance when life gets rough, . . .

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Aug 16

The Joy Of Serving

By Rick Keller

Over the years, I’ve learned that even when I was struggling with my own issues, that serving others has a reward of allowing me to look past my issue and experience th . . .

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Aug 01

Conditioning For Seasons To Come

By Natalee and Tyler Gleason

My husband, Tyler, and I had been trying for a baby for a while. I’m not going to share how long we had been trying because I’ve discovered that it doesn’t matter i . . .

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Jun 28

Repurposed for Relationships and Peace

By Rick and Katie Schneider

This week we are visiting our stories archive and touching on the incredible story of Rick and Katie Schneider. Though it wasn't apparent at the start, it has now become . . .

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Jun 14

Never Easy, Always Simple

By Brittanni Reardon

I grew up in a Christian home. I went to church every Sunday, prayed before every meal. I believed because my Mom told me to, and in my eyes, she was always right. But wh . . .

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May 31

Led To Friendship

By Molly DeGroot

My biggest fear of joining a large church like Christ's Church of Oronogo was being lost in the large crowd. So when I arrived my first Sunday in 2016, I thought I would . . .

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May 24

Planning On Faithfulness

By Dillon Walker

God’s faithfulness is not designed to anticipate in detail. Abraham did not know specifically where God was leading him. Paul didn’t always know exactly where God was . . .

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May 17

Repurposed To Care For Others

By Darrin and Chrissy King

This week we are visiting our stories archive and touching on the incredible story of Darrin and Chrissy King. God has taken them all over the world, but their calling ha . . .

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May 03

In Giving I Received

By Carol Ballard

Christ’s Church has been my church home since the early 1990’s and I felt God’s presence here from the beginning. I sang in the choir in the early years and helped . . .

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Apr 26

Breaking The Silence

By Miranda Murdock

Miranda Murdock's story is one of brokenness and shame, but God has taken that bad new story and now Miranda is creating a good news solution for others in the same situa . . .

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