Finding Stillness

Our Lord’s mercy and peace were shown to me in an impactful way this past October.
My 30-year-old daughter contracted a viral infection that attacked her heart and weakened it. Throughout the 26 days, Bethany spent in the ICU I was filled with prayer.
One day, after waking from a surgery Bethany told me she had heard God. From that moment on my daughter has been as close to Jesus as I have ever seen her.
You see, I always knew my daughter had faith but she would often tell me that she would pray and pray for things to change in her life but nothing would happen. She would ask me if there would be a sign. I would always respond the same way, ”You need to quiet your heart enough to hear him for he is always working to set your path straight.” Bethany would tell me she did not know how.
I believe with all my heart that through her illness our Lord was teaching Bethany to be still, to listen, and to feel his presence. What greater gift could be given.
Praise our Lord, Bethany is slowly recovering. The virus did much damage to her heart and she remains in heart failure yet continues to grow stronger every day. She is at home with her two little boys and has even been able to return to church.

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