Logan Hahn | “⁣Our contentment in life cannot be dependent on what God has given us. If we find ourselves constantly discontent, maybe it’s because we worship God for what He gives and not for who He is.”


Chip Songer | Solitude = Engagement Isolation = Escape

Shaped by CIY

Olivia Honey | “I am defined by what Jesus has called me and done for me, not by anything the agenda of the world says I must do or become.”  

Parents : Kids :: God : Us

Jessica Scheuermann | “While we will never truly outgrow our need of God, we can rest easy that the way in which we need him may change over time, in a way that resembles our own relationships with our parents. We may find ourselves needing God like we need oxygen at certain moments, but we also may find ourselves watching for him to come around the corner so that we can take off on the next adventure with him, and both are beautiful expressions of relationship.”  

The Interruptions Are My Work

Peter Buckland | “It is the work of presence, service, meeting needs, caring for others, extending value, self-sacrifice, teachable moments, and expressing genuine love.  It is how the gospel has flesh on it!”

Tree Tattoos

Theresa Barnes | “This picture of a happy home is not a praise of what he has already achieved, but a prayer of trust in the Lord with his heart’s desire as he prepares for worship, celebration, and community.”

78.6 Million

Sam Martin | “Mustard Seed Network desires to see the cities of Japan saturated with and impacted by gospel-centered churches that further the global cause of Jesus Christ. This is not easy work, and it is not always quick work. For many of us, we are foreign missionaries coming into a culture that is unlike our own. We must learn a new language in order to speak the good news of Jesus to those who have never heard it.”


Taylor Miller | “Your bad decisions do not prevent you from making a holy decision. You are always allowed to change.”

Duct Tape Potholder

Yvonne Wickenkamp | “God will finish what He’s started. I can surely count on that.”

Miracle in Me

Cindy Cutler | “Because of Jesus, I know I am water and He is turning my life into His wine.”

God Speaks With His Hands

Andrea Holderman | “It’s a safe place. It’s a voice. It’s a sanctuary. It’s a kitchen. It’s a training program. It’s a community. It’s a bumpy van ride. It’s a prayer. It’s a home.”

When the Fish Aren’t Biting

Drake Holderman | “Sometimes you catch fish and sometimes you don’t. This is true if we’re headed to Table Rock Lake for largemouth or headed across the street to talk with our neighbor. Sometimes you have success and other times you seem to hook anything except a fish.”

In Every Detail

Olivia Loghry | “God isn’t only available in that window of time where my coffee is still hot and the world is still quiet. “

Holy Unhurriedness

Bekah Behnke | “We live in a world that tells us to go. Hurry. More. Fill the calendar. Your value is found in your tiredness. I want to say that slowing down is not only counter-cultural to the world, but I think it has also become counter-cultural in the church.”

Where to begin when anxiety kicks in

Logan Hahn | “We must rejoice in God. And then we must pray to God. Then we must tell God what we need. And the peace of God will guard our hearts and minds. Why does it work? Because it’s a promise of God. And He doesn’t make promises He doesn’t intend to keep.”

Shining Light

Sarah Burch | I’ll never forget the first night we had a child placed in our home. Her caseworker dropped her off with a few bags full of her belongings. She was wide-eyed and quiet but didn’t seem scared. I was taken aback by that.

Humility & Prayer

Emilee Mitchell | “Even in his last month of life, struggling after some surgeries, the words mumbled day and night were prayers. Prayers for every person he knew by name. Prayers for his children and grandchildren. Prayers for people he pastored decades ago. It was the language he spoke.”

Holy Week through 4-Year-Old Eyes

Spencer Hahn | “Regardless of what you did, Jesus did enough. The good news of the gospel is not just that Jesus did enough, but he did something eternal. He did something that no mere mortal could ever do, which makes his sacrifice all the more significant. He did for us what we would never choose on our own.”

Offering Hope

Travis Hurley | Addictions are being broken, lives are being transformed, families are being reunited, and Jesus is being glorified.

Meeting God in a Doctor’s Office

Jessica Scheuermann | Then I felt a question rising to the top of my mind (and I’m not entirely sure it originated with me), “If you believed that God is really here, what would you feel?”

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