Thankful for Christmas

Yvonne Wickenkamp | “I’ve come to understand that Thanksgiving should be a natural response to Christmas. To fully enjoy the richness of the season, I need to first focus on the gifts from the Father because He is a generous giver.”


Tyler Bade | “In your suffering, your strained relationships, your anxiety, your way-too-many-big-decisions-to-make, your mundane, your joy – you are not alone. The one who knows you best and loves you most, and is powerful enough to actually make a difference is in your corner and on your team.”

Self Pity

Logan Hahn | “Might our souls be so firmly rooted in the love and strength and grace of God that we don’t need anyone’s pity because we trust that where we are is exactly where God wants us, and there’s no better place to be.”

To Know Him is to Love Him

Jed Moody | “Resistance is the thing that wakes up with you when your alarm goes off and convinces you that you’re just too tired and you can do it later.”

Saved in Translation

Darrin King | “Any seasoned parent knows that sitting down to a tea party with your daughter and a company of stuffed animals isn’t about caffeine needs or even the social development of our child! Rather it’s about connection, isn’t it?”

God Sees Me

Raina Songer | “God doesn’t ignore me; he pursues me. God doesn’t forget about me; he cares for me. God doesn’t look down on me; he kneels beside me.”

Connective Tissue

Isaac Schade | “God will ALWAYS be faithful to complete the work, we just have to be faithful enough to say ‘yes’.”

Stillness in Autumn

Meghann Arnold | “In the stillness, I am reminded of what matters. My eyes are focused on the one who created and ordained rest.”

Christ’s Church Heroes

Patti Bearden | “Christ’s Church of Oronogo is getting ready to celebrate her 70th birthday. I’ve been part of this congregation for over 65 of those 70 years because that’s how old I am. Oh, how the memories flood my mind! I can’t separate my “real” life from my life at Christ’s Church.”

The Long Haul

Todd Owen | “Life in Papua New Guinea begets patience. Daily life involves cooking from scratch, washing laundry (either by hand or with a twin-tub washing machine powered by a small generator), keeping relationships alive, and growing through sharing community life.”

Tiny Churches

Bekah Behnke | What a gift to see the place where we spend our time as the place where we do ministry: the place where we experience God’s goodness through giving our daily to Him.

Water is Required

Emilee Mitchell | As obvious as it is, when it comes to plant growth, water is required. And when it comes to spiritual growth, living water is. 

Biking in Japan

Chip Songer | “Ai and her friends may have heard the name of Jesus before she stepped into that last event session. I don’t know her story or faith, but I do know this: she heard the name of Jesus, and He has a purpose for His people.”

Worshiping in the Mundane

Novely Lamont | “We stop seeing the mundane, boring, un-enjoyable tasks as ways to worship and tune in to what we naturally, as humans, think. But God is calling us to seek Him. For seek and you will find.”

Time with God

Taylor Miller | “I tend to believe that does not mean that one day I will stop feeling inadequate, though that may be true, but that when I do feel inadequate I will remember that my adequacy is already completed in Christ.”

Recipes Available Upon Request

Cindy Cutler | “Not everyone that sits around our family table now were present when we first served our favorite dish. But the memories and significance and what the meal represents define us, ground us, and form us.”

Forgetfulness & Faithfulness

Jessica Scheuermann | “God doesn’t work at my desired speed. Being content with how long it may take for God to accomplish something has been hard and good, even when it’s seeing something inside me come to fruition.”

Meaningless Moments

Jordan White | “Just like I’m unable to spend every weekend hiking to the top of a mountain, we can’t expect every moment with God to be a mountain-top experience.”

Hispaniola Expansion

Nick Vacca | “There is an army of Spirit-empowered, Jesus-loving, self-giving people pouring into our boys as they navigate the hardship of living with severe trauma.”

Absence of God

Sara Wood | “⁣It was like the turning of seasons or diamonds—there’s more to see, experience, and know when we gain a new perspective. But the turning most often involves a losing.”

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