What is RightNow Media?

RightNow Media is a library of thousands of videos for all ages and stages of life that we are providing to our attendersĀ for free. Think of it as a free subscription to Netflix with content that is designed to help encourage you in your walk to discover completeness in Jesus. We are providing you with hours of content to encourage, strengthen, grow & challenge you. Use it for entertainment, teaching, small group prep, family time, etc. The content is for you to use as you please.

Looking for Christ-centered entertainment and lessons for your children? RightNow Media has an expansive library of children’s shows curated with your child, and God, in mind!

Besides having instant access on whichever device you are on when you register, you will also have access to your RightNow account on ANY of your devices! RightNow Media apps can be found in the Apple Store, Google Play Store, Roku, Apple TV and more!

How to take advantage of RightNow Media

If you haven’t signed up for RightNow Media yet you can sign up for free today!

Already have a RightNow Media account? Sign in here!

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