He wants all of us and we need only Him.

I am so thankful for God’s clarity. For some issues in today’s world, we are still navigating what God’s word says. There are other issues where God is crystal clear. He has given us a choice of death or life. It’s simple. He wants all of us and we need only Him. We did not do anything to ever earn this choice. He gave us the offer through Jesus and wants us to respond with our whole lives.
This becomes confusing and complicated when we muddy His truth down with our own selfishness. We start wondering what it means to choose life when we start making our own plans and ignore what he has told us. God has to remind me constantly how choosing life is a daily task. I grew up in a Christian home where I learned about God from the time I was a little girl and decided to follow Jesus with my whole life in high school. My life is different because I can now look back at the growth I have had and I know it is because of God. But this did not happen overnight. It was daily remembering that I chose life because of the God who offered it back to me.
Choosing life is a journey. It is saying yes when the next step doesn’t seem possible. It is saying yes when we think we have it all together. It is saying yes to getting back up when we have fallen down. It is saying yes because God is clear about his offer. It is death or life. We give him everything because we know he offers something we can never attain on our own.

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