We shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that God  wants to work through us.

As I write this morning I’m sitting in my new office looking out the window at the thick fog clinging to the ground. It is nice to finally be moved in to our new space. Some of you may not know this, but this past summer at Christ’s Church we went through an office remodel project. Everyone was displaced and set up temporary office space in the Adult Ministry Center. It was an adjustment for everyone.
Every few days I’d venture down to the construction area to see the progress. Reconstruction is messy. Sheetrock was broken to pieces to be removed. Lumber was cut up and hauled away. Wiring and duct work was disconnected. Early on, things became unrecognizable. It was a challenge to find a familiar fixture to help orient you as to where things used to be.
As walls were framed in, the new space began to take shape and you could get a glimpse at how things were going to look in the future. But there was still a long way to go before it would be ready for use. Rewiring, new sheetrock, painting, hanging doors, floor coverings, and several other parts still had to be completed. And the thing about this is, that different work crews did many of those jobs. And after it was all done, there still was the task of setting up office furniture and unpacking boxes.
This all reminds me of the continual remodeling process that God is bringing about in my own life. Ephesians 4:11-13 talks about the work that God is doing to unite us through Jesus and transform us to be like Jesus. He’s not scared to get messy to remove things from my life. And he has a great plan for how he wants things to look in the end.
I like how he uses His Church in this process of remodeling our lives. He uses teachers, preachers, evangelists, and caregivers as part of the remodeling process. In the same way that specific people were sought out to be a part of our summer office remodel project, I believe God wants us to seek out people to partner with us in the remodeling of our lives. And in turn, we shouldn’t be surprised by the fact that God wants to work through us, His Church, to bring about growth in other peoples lives.
What is God remodeling in your life? How is God working through you to help in the remodeling process of other people’s lives? My prayer today is that you clearly see the completed plan God has for your life in Christ.

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