A Light That Shines In The Darkness (Isaiah 54-55)

The experience of joy is more profound having  known sorrow.

The 20th-century German scholar Claus Westermann once wrote, “God created the world in such a way that light has a priority. God created the world is such a way that darkness, which is described neither as created by God nor as good, is a necessary part of the created order.”
In the story of creation, darkness and light coexist. In my life and yours, darkness and light coexist. The experience of hope is invigorating when you have gone through life in complete despair. The experience of peace is powerful when you have been gripped with brokenness, chaos, and disaster. The experience of joy is more profound having known sorrow. And, the experience of love is more delicate when having been through heartbreak. Too often in our lives we try to compartmentalize the narrative of both light and darkness; separating them in a way that builds walls of resentment, frustration, and inevitably, more questions. If there is one thing that we all agree on, it is the fact that our world is broken. And in the midst of the brokenness, our world continues to tell Christ’s story in a way that is inconsistent with his character and yet if we are honest, in the midst of chaos, brokenness, hurt, and despair, we too have believed in a story that says, “God wasn’t there.”
Michael Defazio reminded us on Sunday that “Wherever Jesus is there is peace…peace is not found in the absence of conflict, peace is found in the presence of God.” In the midst of despair there is hope, in the grips of brokenness there is peace, in the most sorrow-filled time there is joy, and when brokenhearted there is love. God is all and in all, and through the story that he continues to write he is redeeming all through Jesus Christ.
What life circumstances have forced me to wrestle with light and darkness?
How do I see Christ’s redeeming work through the brokenness of my life and our world?
In what ways have I been blessed by unwanted gifts and how I can I be a blessing to others that are going through a similar circumstance?
May the Prince of Peace reveal his presence to you in the midst of the chaos.

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