When God says that he will move, you can believe  that it will become reality.

My family enjoys the Christmas season, when we remember the incredible birth story of Jesus. As we focus on the beginning of the story with humble thanksgiving we are eventually led to remember his difficult and tragic death on the cross. His sacrifice on the cross is a testament to God’s faithfulness throughout the ages. When God says that he will move, you can believe that it will become reality.
The reality of God and his trustworthy nature rings true from the Old Testament to the New Testament and even into our time now. In Isaiah 53, Isaiah prophesied all about Jesus, describing his sacrifice in detail. This prophecy took place somewhere between 700 BC and 681 BC.
Around 30-35 AD, the prophecies of Isaiah about Jesus came true. A few years after that, as we read in Acts 8, a disciple of Jesus named Philip met a powerful man from Ethiopia who was traveling home from Jerusalem. When Philip met him, the Ethiopian man was reading from the book Isaiah while riding in his chariot. After a conversation, the Ethiopian man was baptized in a nearby body of water and stepped into the fulfillment of the words of Isaiah. Because of Jesus, whose death, burial and resurrection were foretold hundreds of years prior, God’s love and acceptance were lavished upon the Ethiopian man that day.
God’s predictive words through Isaiah became reality through Jesus. Just like the Ethiopian, God is inviting us to step into his present reality. This Ethiopian man took the Gospel back to his people in Ethiopia. And Philip related the story to Luke, who wrote it down for us to read today.
If we pray, listen and follow where God is leading, he will lead us to proclaim this reality of Jesus in our time to those that God puts in our path. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever!

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