My actions may be personal, but they are never private.

There are times in my life where the busyness of the day just slips away and I don’t “have time” to read the Bible. Have you been there? I’ve not only been there but have camped there for a while throughout my walk with Christ. After this week’s message, I’ve heard this phrase from so many people, “Sunday’s message came at just the right time in my life.” I will have to say that I said that exact phrase to my wife when we came home from church. This message wasn’t shame driven but liberating and led me to ponder this statement; “the best proof of the Bible’s relevance is a life that demonstrates the Bible’s power.”
Do I demonstrate the power of the Scriptures? Does my life reflect the words and actions of Christ? The truth is that when I’m not regularly in the Word my life looks different. My actions may be personal, but they are never private. When I go a day without reading the Scriptures, I can notice a difference in my attitude and outlook on life. When I go a few days, my family can tell a difference. And when I go a week, my friends and coworkers can start to tell there something is off. When I’m reading the Scriptures regularly my life looks more and more like Christ and people are ultimately impacted by His power.
Do you want people to know the power of God’s Word? Read it regularly, reverently, and reflectively.

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