He has not left you alone, and through him you can overcome this world.

It’s the 12th century BC. For 10 years the Greeks have laid siege to the great city of Troy. It stood firm, unbroken. Then, a brilliant scheme was devised. A giant wooden horse was built and select men were placed inside. The Greeks then sailed away, tricking the Trojans into thinking they had given up. Once the horse was inside the walls of Troy the soldiers snuck out and destroyed the city from within. We’ve all heard this story, but how many think that it could happen to us?
While the story of the Trojan horse is mere mythology, the attacks on Christians from this world are very real. All around the world Christians are being persecuted for their faith. Christians are dying for the faith which we profess. The crazy thing is, if you look back in history, any time the church has been heavily persecuted the Gospel spreads! Unfortunately, our enemy is very smart. When the physical persecution isn’t enough to stop the Kingdom, he turns inward. He sends in his Trojan horses. Greed, jealousy, lust, gluttony, lying, stealing, the list could go on forever. It’s through these “little” things that Satan wages war on us. If he is unable to destroy us from the outside, he will do it from the inside, using sins that will cause dissension and disruption within the Church. The moment the Church is divided is the moment that the Kingdom ceases to advance. In the end, we can be our own worst enemy.
The good news? It’s not about us! Our strength to overcome the sin in our lives is not found within ourselves. It is found in the God who has already won the war. Wage war today with the knowledge that he has not left you alone, and through him you can overcome this world.

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