It is my goal for this process to lead me to live a Real Life of Justice, as reflected in my spending.

I intentionally waited until after hearing the sermon on Real Life Justice that Michael DeFazio preached on September 11 to write this blog. That way my thoughts could reflect my response to the message and help continue the conversation. What a good sermon it was, and if you didn’t get a chance to hear it yet, please take the time to click here and give it a listen. It was a good sermon, in my opinion, because it has caused me to ask myself some really tough questions. The Action Steps to consider listed in our bulletin were as follows:

  • Honestly assess if anyone is harmed by your gain
  • Keep an eye on what you buy and don’t enjoy
  • Make “wages” an issue you care about
  • Move from “want one more” toward “need one less”
  • Give up so you can give away

And consider those things I have! At first is was easy to rush past the first one, “Honestly assess if anyone is harmed by your gain.” I took this to mean, “Is anyone harmed by the way I make my living?” As a minister, I sure hope not. But the more I’ve thought about that question, it has turned more to “Is anyone harmed by how I spend my money?” How does the money I spend affect other people? How does spending currently affect my wife and kids? How does it affect their future and my granddaughter’s too? How does my spending affect my community? How does it affect the people that provide the service or create the product? How does this purchase affect the environment and its affect on people? Does the production of this product unnecessarily put people in harm’s way? In so many ways, spending money can be such a mindless endeavor, one that is distant from people. At least for me, until now.
And since it is only the first few days after hearing this presented from the stage, and these questions are in their infancy in my mind, that is all they are. Questions without answers. But as I begin to spend over the next few days, can you guess what will be on my mind? In the end, it is my goal for this process to lead me to live a Real Life of Justice, as reflected in my spending.
Where is the messaging leading you? What tough questions are you wrestling your way through? If considering these questions with others would help you in the process, please feel free to send me a message. It would be great to continue the conversation.

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