What would happen if we rearranged our lives for the sake of the Gospel?

When it comes to discovering completeness in Jesus, where are the holes in my game? Maybe you walked away from church on Sunday like me asking the same question. You may have taken some time to evaluate your life and clearly assess each area, defining if the things in your life were/are taking you toward walking with Christ or carrying you further away. I know I did and there were two phrases that came to mind, “I know” and “I can’t.”
The reality is, these two phrases cause us to stop dead in our tracks, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that they are the most debilitating phrases in human history. We can go through the list of opportunities that are right in front of us; opportunities that Christ’s Church has for us to grow closer to Christ and we start to get defensive and say, “I know…I know…I know,” or scared and scream, “I just CAN’T!” Regardless of our go-to phrase, we limit our learning, yield our growth, and block ourselves off from being complete in Christ.
What would happen if we rearranged our lives for the sake of the Gospel? How would our life look different and how would it be the same? Author Robert Greene coined the distinction between two times in life; dead time, when people are passive and waiting, and alive time, when people are learning and acting and utilizing every second. I would say that dead time includes uttering the phrases, “I know” and “I can’t” and alive time expresses the true beauty and duty of the Gospel with a resounding, “I will.”
I will… Embrace the Gospel; boldly leading a life that is learning and responding to the Good News of Jesus.
I will…Embody the fullness of Christ; authentically present a life that is committed and invites others to join the Kingdom.
I will…Experience the Kingdom; unashamedly sharing a life that is relational and loving others through opening up my home and engaging our community.
Let’s choose “I will” and watch how Christ makes us alive!

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