He has an incredible way of redeeming our stories.

This is an amazing historical story of Jesus at a well in Samaria, approaching and loving an outcast Samaritan woman who was living in sin. As they proceed in their conversation, she learns who this man is. Jesus teaches her with the example of Living Water. She had understood that the Messiah was to come in the distant future. Jesus led her into understanding He was the Living Water, the Messiah by describing her life. Jesus did not shun her for being a sinful Samaritan woman but spoke God’s love into her life. He also spoke the truth in love to her about the sin in her life. He loved her well.
Jesus also taught the disciples when they returned with an illustration describing planting and harvesting food. As they planted God’s love and redemption through the Messiah Jesus to all peoples, male and female, the harvest of souls would be reaped.
Because of the woman’s powerful testimony about Jesus, many Samaritans came to check Him out. He ended up staying two more days to show and teach them more about love, grace and truth and that He was the Messiah.
We live in a challenged era where we also need to share Jesus’ love by speaking love and truth into our own lives as well as those around us. Even if we have been wounded or abused in childhood or adulthood and have lived in sinful relational patterns, Jesus will love us and heal us. He has an incredible way of redeeming our stories as He did through this Samaritan woman. Through sharing her testimony, many more Samaritans were drawn to Jesus.

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