Look at what God has done over the last week, month, lifetime.

You know how it goes. You see someone every day of your life. Maybe it’s your child, your spouse, your co-worker. We’ll call this person, “Pat”. You and Pat decide to meet some friends for lunch one day and the second your friends see Pat they exclaim – “Oh my! You’ve grown so much!” “Your hair is different!” “You’ve lost so much weight!” and all the while you are thinking to yourself, “They look the same to me.”
So often in life, it’s the nearness to something that prevents us from seeing the grandeur of it. Our walk with God is no exception. Have you ever met a friend over coffee and all they talk about is how loving God is, how God is moving in their life, how God continues to provide? And all the while you are thinking, “God hasn’t done any of that for me.”
Maybe it’s time for you to step back. Look at your relationship with God, rather than seeing the day-to-day walk with God, look at what God has done over the last week, month, lifetime. I’m sure that when you back away from the tree, even a little, you’ll be amazed at how big the forest is.

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