What Makes A Good Witness

Live your life in a way that shines Christ so brightly that it cannot be ignored!

One of my absolute favorite things to do is watch a good ole’ crime TV show. I could spend hours watching Law and Order or Forensic Files. Getting to see law enforcement work together to assemble pieces to a puzzle and solve a crime is fascinating!
There are many important factors to proving someone innocent or guilty when charged with a crime. The jury will look at physical evidence, fingerprints, and DNA. But the most valuable evidence in a trial is a solid witness. Having someone who witnessed firsthand the defendant’s involvement in a crime will make or break the verdict.
This past Sunday we heard a sermon preached from John 5:30-47. We heard about the many witnesses of Jesus. In this specific passage, we have four witnesses to Jesus: John the Baptist (testified to the truth of who Jesus was), God the Father (testified that God has given works to Jesus), the Scriptures (testify that God has sent Jesus with a purpose), and Moses (testified by writing about Jesus).
In response to God’s love and Jesus’ sacrifice for us, we are called to be witnesses to Jesus (Matthew 5:16, Acts 1:8; 22:15). What makes a Christ-follower a good witness? This is something I have been convicted by this week. The Bible tells us many ways that we can be a good witness to Jesus. Some examples are: a witness to the Lord should honor Christ as holy, always give thanks to the Lord, and speak kindness always (1 Peter 3:15, Colossians 3:17, Ephesians 4:29).
Moving forward, I encourage you to be diligent in being a witness to the Lord. Live your life in a way that shines Christ so brightly that it cannot be ignored!

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