If my treasure is found in things of this world, then my treasure isn’t Jesus.

Take a moment to read Matthew 6:19-24.
As I read the passage, one word kept coming to my mind. The word is “love.” “What do you love
most?” Jesus is challenging us to recognize that whatever we love most is what we treasure. If my
treasure is found in things of this world, then my treasure isn’t Jesus.
Jesus is clear that when He isn’t the center of our heart, darkness consumes us. Jesus’ words are direct
and His examples help us all to relate to the issue of what we desire most. The most convicting part of
this passage to me is verse 24. Jesus tells us that it is impossible to serve two masters. He says that we will
be devoted to one and despise the other. This helps me in seeing where my priorities should be; Jesus
first, and everything else second.
So what happens when I love Jesus more than anything?
I pray differently. (My prayers are not selfish)
I am patient and forgiving.
I see opportunities to help others.
I am generous with the things I have. (I realize that God owns it all anyway)
I recognize that people around me are opportunities to share Jesus with them.
I become compassionate and less self-centered.
When people are around me, they know what my treasure is by the way I live my life. They can tell if my
faith is authentic or not. They can tell who I serve. My question for you is, “What do you love most?” Is your treasure of Heaven or of the world?
Take time this week to memorize Matthew 6:24.

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