The hope of the gospel is trust in the promises of God.

On Sunday, Mark taught from Luke 7:18-35, asking what do we do when we are “Faithfully Disappointed?”  What do we do when Jesus disappoints us?  What’s our reaction when the cancer is getting worse, our marriage is in trouble, we lose a job, are harmed by criminals, or hurt by a hurricane?
I listened to Mark’s message for the second time (listen here) and realized I had missed some key points…some salient gems.  In today’s blog, I want to simply summarize some of his comments from my notes.  They are reordered in a way that makes sense to me, but I hope that the summary will be beneficial to you.  There is some really great insight in Mark’s teaching.

  • When Jesus isn’t what we expect or want, what do believers do?
  • Unbelievers ignore the promises of God.  They live in that in-between space where they say Jesus is available to me if I need him, but I don’t know how often I will need him.  Jesus says, no, you have to die to self and trust me completely.  Then you will be found wise, making the best choice you can make.
  • Jesus said (paraphrased) “The problem with this generation is that we are spoiled brats. He said, I offer you the kingdom with evidence of the kingdom and you don’t like the way I offered it.  You reject me.  You want the game played by your rules and to your satisfaction.
  • What do believers do when Jesus disappoints?  We remember the promises of God and see those promises answered in the work of Jesus.  And we trust him.  
  • Look to the words of Jesus and you will know who he is and when you know who he is, you will change your expectations.  Jesus is saying I didn’t come to do what you want me to do, I came to do what you need me to do.
  • Trust in the goodness of a God who would die on the cross for our sins.
  • Hell is going to be full of people who told God to get away from them.  God doesn’t send a single person to hell… you choose it.
  • The hope of the gospel (what believers do) is trust in the promises of God.  They see them lived out in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and they choose Jesus.
  • Do the promises of God and work of Jesus matter to you?  If they do, open your life to the Scriptures so God can feed your soul.

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