“How did you go up the mountain and survive?”

It was during a youth conference in 2005 that Amit Agarwal gave his life to Christ. After answering the call to ministry, he received training at CIBA and returned to his home district to plant churches in these unreached areas.

Dr. Ajai Lall noted: “It is amazing what God has done through Brother Amit in the last ten years — including planting eight churches in different areas. But the story doesn’t end here.”

Currently working with the Central India unreached people groups — Keshwani and Jaiepur, Amit also hikes five miles straight up a mountain to reach 90 families living in isolation. Ministry to these families began when a young woman asked him to go and pray for this unreached people group — the Pawe Jati.

What Amit didn’t know was that their ancestors came from the West Indies and they practice cannibalism — making it extremely dangerous. Several people have been reported missing, and even the government and administrative department have been unable to control them or bring law and order. The Pawe Jati follow a tradition where they take their seniors, at the age of 70, have a ceremony that ends with their sacrifice and the community eating their flesh.

After Amit hiked up a few times, people in the surrounding area began asking him: “How did you go up the mountain and survive?”
Miraculously, Brother Amit has been able to bring 15 families to the Lord, with plans to reach them all. Several members accepted Jesus Christ because they received physical healing through prayer.

Brother Amit admitted: “If you upset them, your life will be in danger.”

Thank you for praying for the Pawe Jati people and Amit’s dynamic ministry.

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