Whatever it is that God has asked for you to wait, wait well.

Have you ever waited for something that seemed like forever? I remember when I was a young boy. We were planning to go to New York to see family. We were leaving in three weeks. Each day I would ask my mom when we were leaving. She would graciously explain to me how many days were left, and she did her best to put the amount of time into a practical application I could understand. Although it seemed like forever, the time it took for those three weeks to pass were quite quick. In fact, we were back from New York before I knew it. Funny how waiting for things always seems to take forever, while enjoying what you’ve been waiting for seems to pass so quickly.
In Luke 2:21-38 Jesus is brought to the Temple to be consecrated to God. He is the firstborn and consecration is the tradition. Jesus has been circumcised on the eighth day, and now, about forty days since his birth, he was brought to the Temple to be consecrated before God. For Mary and Joseph, it was the next step in obedience to God in recognizing that their son was a gift from God.
As the passage continues we are introduced to two people. The Holy Spirit has anointed Simeon. He is waiting each day in the Temple until the Savior was to be revealed to him. Simeon inspired by the Holy Spirit tells Joseph and Mary who Jesus is, and what his purpose in God is. They marvel at what Simeon says. The other person in this passage is Anna. Anna is eighty-four years old and has been in the Temple each day waiting for many years. Anna, too, tells Joseph and Mary about Jesus.
Waiting. Joseph and Mary wait for Jesus to be born knowing that upon His birth there will be a circumcision eight days later, and a consecration 40 days afterward. Simeon waits for God to reveal his anointed Savior. He knows he will not die until he sees the Savior, so each day he waits, prays, and listens until one day, moved by the Holy Spirit, Simeon sees the baby Savior and proclaims whom Jesus is. Anna waits for God each day as she worships, fasts, and prays. At eighty-four years old Anna is blessed by God to see the Savior. She recognizes that Jesus is the Savior, and gives thanks to God proclaiming who Jesus is.
Waiting. It is so hard, but it is easy. As we trust we learn to wait. As we move back from our current situation to see it at a different angle with better clarity we learn to wait. As we spend time with God we learn to wait. As we understand He holds time in His hands and loves us we learn to wait. Whatever it is that God has asked for you to wait, wait well. There is a blessing to be received.

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