How many times could I have shared the Gospel with someone and just felt like it was too hopeless.

Don’t overlook those in need! Who are those that are in need? Those who are in need might be someone who just needs a kind word.
A lady from our church shared a story with me that told of a time when she was feeling very low. She was at a stoplight and looked over into the car next to her. That person just gave her a kind wave. She said, “it made my day”. Just a wave! No words, just a kind gesture.
I spent a few minutes talking with a lady who I had just met about gardening. I thought nothing of it until a few days later, she thanked me for spending the time with her. I didn’t give her any words of wisdom, no words of how to be saved, no great announcement, just a little time on gardening, which by the way, I am not very good at!
The rich man had seen the error of his way but it was too late for him. He had walked by Lazarus at his own gate and never offered to help him even though he had riches and lived in luxury.
The rich man’s greatest need is shown in these verses of knowing God. That rich man wanted his family to know what he had heard but didn’t do anything about it. But would they have listened to a dead man? If Abraham had appeared to them would they have listened? Abraham knew they wouldn’t listen.
How many times could I have shared the Gospel with someone and just felt like it was too hopeless, they wouldn’t listen or would I be considered a nut job? We all have someone in our lives that we know of that “would they listen?” question is in our minds.
We live in a world especially in this area where we hear the Word. We have a choice! If we are able to read this, we still have time. Take the time, do something kind for someone. Show the love of Jesus to those you know or meet. With this time of the COVID-19 threat, we have the opportunity to share a wave, a note, or a few words across a street to someone in “need”. Don’t miss your opportunity!

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