We are to walk with those who are hurting so that they know they are not alone. 

I don’t know about you, but my heart has been heavy the past few months with all of the hurt in the world. There is the hurt we can’t control with COVID-19 and all of its fallout such as unemployment, fear, loss of life, health issues, isolation, loss of income, depression, the list goes on and on. It’s heavy. Then there is hurt we can do something about such as discussing systemic racism that is unfortunately ingrained in our society. Loss of innocent life, mistrust, riots, division of the nation, people fearing for their safety or safety of loved ones. Again, it’s heavy. 
Yes, those things are heavy, hard to process, and honestly can just be overwhelming. But then there is the hope that speaks into each and every situation. There is Jesus. 
Jesus gives us the answers we need. He calls the oppressed by name. “The Lord is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.” (Psalm 9:9) He seeks out the poor. “Whoever mocks the poor shows contempt for their Maker; whoever gloats over disaster will not go unpunished.” (Proverbs 17:5) He walks with those who are hurting. “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” (Psalm 34:18)
Jesus is our safe haven, our teacher, our encourager. Most of all, Jesus is our example. We are to do our best to live as He did. We are to speak of the oppressed and not turn a blind eye. We are to seek out the poor and take care of them. We are to walk with those who are hurting so that they know they are not alone. 
The mission of Right Here Right Now (RHRN) is to share the love and hope of Jesus with our community. By giving those single dollar bills each week, you get a chance to provide the hope that only Jesus brings to heavy situations. When I meet with people who are asking for help from RHRN, I get a chance to hear their stories and walk with them for a while. 
Each person that comes in seeking help from RHRN is told something important: RHRN is funded by each person in our church bringing a dollar above and beyond their tithe, and that is important because each dollar that we are giving them represents one person in our church family saying, “You can do this! We believe in you!” For those who actually make the connection between each dollar representing a person, it really encourages them that so many people are stepping up to help. They aren’t alone anymore with so many people saying yes, we want to help. 
During this heavy season of life, giving to RHRN has not stopped or slowed down. It has actually increased! “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21) What an unexpected blessing to know our church family continues to give to others even when their own circumstances are uncertain or difficult. 
Not only has RHRN giving increased, but acts of service seem to be more prominent lately. From my own limited experience, I have witnessed neighbors checking on each other regularly, meals and groceries being delivered to the elderly and sick, drive-by birthday celebrations, children writing letters to residents in nursing homes, people helping with clean up after a storm, loads of food being dropped off for school weekend snack bags, people giving generously out of their own pocket to help someone they may or may not know. 
It has been an amazing thing to witness the love and hope being shared in the midst of the heaviness. Keep being the light, Church. Keep showing them Jesus! 

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