Helping or Hindering

They became selfless and were relentless in the mission Jesus left them to fulfill.

Paul had a way of staying laser-focused on the goal of advancing the Gospel at all times.  The following verse highlights how he didn’t even want his rights to be an obstacle to others hearing the Good News.  1 Corinthians 9:12b says, “But we did not use this right. On the contrary, we put up with anything rather than hinder the gospel of Christ.”  Paul was willing to make personal sacrifices for the sake of others.
The other day I read the passage about the disciples and a teachable moment Jesus used to help them see that it was going to take teamwork to accomplish God’s plan. In Luke 9:37-50 the disciples are found arguing about greatness in the Kingdom and who could participate in ministering to others when John makes this statement.  “Master,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we tried to stop him, because he is not one of us.” “Do not stop him,” Jesus said, “for whoever is not against you is for you.”
At this point the disciples were still growing in their understanding of what Jesus had called them to do as “fishers of men” and that it was going to take enlisting countless others to cast their nets to bring others to Jesus.  I’m thankful John and the other disciples moved from an attitude that would have hindered the sharing of the Gospel to being empowered by the Holy Spirit to partner with others.  They became selfless and were relentless in the mission Jesus left them to fulfill.
What about me?  Am I focused on helping others know who Jesus is and the relationship He desires to have with them?  Is the use of my time, talents and treasures consistently invested in advancing the Gospel?  Which of my actions and attitudes hinder the Gospel of Christ?  My prayer today is, “Holy Spirit, convict me of areas I need to surrender and lead me to those who need to hear the Good News.  Empower me to boldly proclaim Jesus Christ as I go where you lead me today.  Amen”

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