Serving is essential to building community. Community is essential to spreading the Gospel. The Gospel is essential to us all.

“Everybody can be great…because anybody can serve.”

Throughout his lifetime, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has provided many pearls of wisdom for us to ponder, absorb and ultimately learn from. This specific quote reminded me of how we served our neighbors and partners around the world during Christmas Impact this year.

Manning the Christmas Impact station in the lobby is always fun because we get to talk to so many people and answer questions, but my favorite part of that task is seeing little kids come to the “GIVE” wall to pick out who they are going to help. Do they want to help Watered Gardens by choosing a toy to go in their Worth Shop? Do they want to help Life Choices by purchasing a baby item to give to new parents? Seeing the process of a child choosing how they want to help and who they want to serve is precious. Children choose to help other children they don’t know. Anybody can serve.

Besides our “GIVE” options in the lobby, we had four “SERVE” experiences that were available online. Ministry partners who embody each of our Impact values of mercy, church planting, next generation, and unreached people groups were highlighted through online videos to learn more about their specific ministry and answer a call to serve that ministry. Families, individuals, and life groups alike were able to participate in the serve experience.

The Young At Heart small group got together to watch the mercy serve experience on Fostering Hope. Then they made ten freezer meals for foster families who are taking new placements into their homes. Jim Wickenkamp leads YAH and said this about a photo he sent of the group after their serve experience: “A picture is worth a thousand words. The smiles (if you could see them beneath the face masks) make it clear how much they enjoyed the experience!” A group of adults at our church made meals for families they probably will never meet. Anybody can serve.

The McNabb family decided to watch the unreached people groups serve experience on Con Mis Manos. They were able to purchase multiple items on the Amazon list for CMM. When asked why they chose this experience, Diane McNabb said, “When presented the opportunities to give this Christmas season, we wanted to help in an area that we can’t really be a part of here in the US. We love the work they are doing there and pray our contribution will help.” A family in Oronogo purchased supplies for a ministry in Mexico. Anybody can serve.

Serving is essential to building community. Community is essential to spreading the Gospel. The Gospel is essential to us all. Anybody can serve.

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