I’ve been affiliated with Watered Gardens Ministries for nearly 10 years, first as a volunteer and then as a staff member since January 2017. It’s given me a front-row seat to the incredible provision of God via thousands of donor partners and volunteers.  

Watered Gardens Ministries now serves struggling men, women, and children across four campuses locally, while also providing resources, networking, and instruction for other poverty fighters across the country through Watered Gardens’ national movement: The True Charity Initiative. Addictions are being broken, lives are being transformed, families are being reunited, and Jesus is being glorified throughout.

Over 70 organizations in 17 states are members of our recently launched True Charity Network, and communities in other states are rallying around foundational True Charity principles already being practiced here. In the Joplin 4-State area alone hundreds of men, women, and children are daily receiving food, clothing, shelter, and relationships essential to flourish, most often through partnership that preserves their inherent human dignity and reawakens a sense of purpose and hope in their lives.

Hope is a core value of Watered Gardens–that every person should see an end to his poverty. Hope is actually built into the name of our youngest campus, The Washington Family Hope Center, devoted to serving struggling moms and their kids. Equipped with 6 family units, each with room for a mom and up to 4 children, along with a commercial kitchen, communal dining, an indoor playground, on-site childcare services, and a learning center with care coordination. it’s all designed to help moms develop physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, socially, and spiritually, so when they leave the center, they never have the need to return.

The original renovation was to the first floor only, and within one month of its opening on June 1, 2020, it was completely filled. It’s remained filled nearly every day since.  In fact, well over 100 different moms were turned away in 2021 because there were no rooms available.  That’s why in December, 2021, we launched phase 2 of Immeasurably More, a capital campaign to raise $1,058,000, the cost to renovate the second floor, which would provide 9 more family units

I’m excited to say, we’ve already raised over $560,000, and we are praying for a challenge grant from the Mabee Foundation. They meet this month, and we are praying they will agree to pledge the last $212,000 if we can reach $846,000 by April of 2023.  

The Mabee Foundation gave $240,000 to the first-floor renovation, and if they issue another challenge this time, we’ll only have $286,000 left to raise! Wouldn’t that be awesome?! 

With plans to begin construction in June, we hope to have the second floor finished by the end of this year. So please pray for God’s favor with the Mabee Foundation, and consider partnering financially so that by the end of this year, all of the funds will be in and the Mabee challenge will be met.

Watered Gardens

Watered Gardens exists to serve the local Church in its mission to help the poor in Jesus’ name. Their desire is to see the Church boldly engaged with the homeless and poor relationally, responsibly, and compassionately. They offer a variety of services and basic needs to families including overnight shelter, meals, home goods, as well as providing spiritual guidance to those they serve. Learn more about the ministry of Watered Gardens by listening to the latest episode of the Impact ministry podcast:

Impact Initiative

Ministries that offer mercy to all especially those who are victims of injustice.

Post was written by Travis Hurley, Director of Advancement for Watered Gardens Ministries.

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