I have been on 6 Christ In Youth trips throughout my childhood and developing years, and it is these trips that I attribute many relationships that have helped form me into the person that God has created me to be. It is these trips that have brought me some of my closest friendships and mentors that hold me accountable, pray with and for me, celebrate my victories, as well as sit with me in my sadness. CIY events have shown me how to be a kingdom worker and strive for heaven in my everyday life, and that going into occupational ministry is not the sole way to spread the gospel. CIY events are made for everyone, and I have never left a trip without forming deep connections with peers that I may never have spoken to beforehand. In fact, one of my favorite moments at my most recent CIY event was being able to watch hundreds of people my age passionately worshiping our God. It truly was a moment I will never forget.

It is through CIY events that I have learned the patterns of grace. I have learned not only how to forgive, but how to be forgiven, and have been able to conceptualize the immense grace our Father has shown us. 

CIY events have also shown me my worth is far more than any worldly feat I can accomplish. They have taught me I am more than any success my flesh desires, as well as far more than any superficial look that the world tells me I must have to be loved. I am defined by what Jesus has called me and done for me, not by anything the agenda of the world says I must do or become. 

CIY events cultivate passionate faith. I have seen with my own eyes the ways God has moved so fiercely in the lives of many of my friends, as well as in my own. These events make preteens and teenagers feel understood, seen, and accepted. CIY gives many resources to stay connected to Jesus even past the week of camp, such as Selah and Kingdom Worker cards. Selah, a type of prayer practice, helps me to slow down amidst a busy life and be present with Jesus. It is such a peace-granting way to end my day and really helps me listen for Jesus, instead of simply speaking without a desire to hear. Kingdom Worker cards give a very specific mission to accomplish as we return home. For me, these cards have varied from using less technology to praying for and with the elderly in nursing homes. 

Overall, CIY events are very clearly well thought out to cater to the needs of the soul in youth. CIY preaches against the trends of this Earth, and instead, the truth of heaven. CIY has equipped me to bring the gospel into my community, and far past that. CIY has shaped my heart, soul, and mind to love my neighbors and to love my Lord. 

Christ In Youth

For more than fifty years, CIY has always found the best ways to create moments that inspire Kingdom Work. Methods change but the hope of the Gospel remains the same. And even as the needs of the local church change, CIY is still working on Her behalf. By amplifying the call of Christ on student lives, three generations of servants, workers, missionaries and church leaders have responded to that call. Today, CIY works in partnership with the local church, providing more than 100 annual program events for students and leaders across the United States and in more than ten foreign countries.

Post was written by Olivia Honey pictured here on the far right at CIY MOVE with girls in her D•Group. Olivia will be a senior this fall at Webb City High School and breathes life and joy into our Student Ministry here at Christ’s Church.

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