Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love.

1 Corinthians 16:13-14

Since 1989 LifeChoices’ top priority has been to provide empowering, professional, and compassionate services in an effort to infuse a pro-abundant life perspective into our community.

With our prevention programs in local schools, our medical services for those facing an unplanned pregnancy or sexual health crisis, and our community outreach department providing newborn baby supplies, parenting classes, and services to trafficking victims, we impacted nearly 14,000 lives in 2022.

During the past year, LifeChoices has been pivoting to accommodate exponential growth within our organization. We are excited to share that:

  • Our Joplin clinic was remodeled and expanded to now operate 10 patient care rooms.
  • We increased our mobile medical unit outreach to now deploy 8-10 times each month.
  • Online parenting class participation reached an all-time high.
  • Amani Landing has provided safety and respite to 10 survivors of exploitation and trafficking.
  • Our fatherhood advocacy program hit a record high of men served for the first time in six years.

However, even with all these incredible achievements over the last year, we know that the current cultural climate in our nation will only continue to intensify the growing need for our services. Although the Supreme Court’s historic decision last summer essentially made abortion illegal in Missouri, the truth is that very little has changed in the mission of LifeChoices. Because of our proximity to neighboring states, access to abortion medications online, and increased panic and urgency among young women, our team is working harder to serve our community than ever before.

Every day we have hard conversations with individuals who are looking for answers to some of life’s toughest questions. From the student that is facing the consequences of a choice he deeply regrets, to the young woman who is trying to transition out of a life of exploitation, to the young couple that feels as though a pregnancy will ruin their future dreams – all the individuals we serve have one thing in common: a search for hope, help, and healing.

Very few women facing unplanned pregnancies walk into a clinic expecting a judgment-free environment with excellent medical services at no cost to them. Not many students walk into a health class expecting to feel profoundly cared about. No woman facing jail time for prostitution expects an opportunity to get out of “the game.” People don’t walk into an STD exam room expecting to meet Jesus. And yet, that’s just everyday routine at LifeChoices. In the sensitive and dark areas of life, we get to shine a light of gospel truth.

For the last 34 years, we have had the honor and privilege to serve more than 300,000 individuals. And that is because of YOU. Because of Christ’s Church’s investment of time, resources, prayers, and encouragement, thousands of men and women in our community have experienced the tangible goodness of God through the work of LifeChoices. And we couldn’t say “thank you” enough!

Post was written by Jordynn Griffith, Advancement Director • LifeChoices


The LifeChoices Clinics reach out with the love of Christ by providing free and confidential services to individuals facing a sexual health crisis such as an unplanned pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection. Through Connection Institute, the prevention services branch of LifeChoices, students in area public and private schools receive information about making healthy choices in relationships. LifeChoices also has a mobile medical unit that provides on-site services and provides on-site support for local and regional law enforcement combating trafficking in our region.

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