It’s the meaningless moments where I am finding God right now.

To say the packaging of a brand I ordered shorts from back in March changed my life might seem a little dramatic, but it’s not far from the truth. 

Hidden partway through the writing on this packaging was the simple phrase, “Make every weekend epic.” 

Upon reading those four words, I had a fire lit within. I was pretty much ready to sell everything and head out the door, never to return (with my wife and cat by my side, of course).

What you need to understand is I am a travel junkie. Mountains are my happy place. Waterfalls are my jam. Forests and jungles make me giddy.

This phrase spoke to everything I love in four words.

Unfortunately, I am not a multi-millionaire. Which means I have made commitments that prevent me from galavanting across the globe, pursuing one thrill after another. 

And so the challenge took root in my heart and mind. 

How can I make every weekend epic if I’m not on some crazy overnight road trip to an insane waterfall or getting my passport stamped? 

Oftentimes, I feel like this is how we approach our relationship with God. We want every moment of our relationship with him to be “epic.”

We expect every sermon to speak directly to us. We think every worship song should make us cry. We believe every prayer will be answered as we want. 

But that’s not actually what our day-to-day faith looks like, is it?

Sure, sometimes we have epic moments, but much of our life is made up of what seem to be meaningless moments, the mundane and routine.

Just like I’m unable to spend every weekend hiking to the top of a mountain, we can’t expect every moment with God to be a mountain-top experience. 

And that’s where the intimacy and truth come in: every moment can become “epic” if we choose to make it so. And it’s in every moment we can feel God’s presence, if we choose to. 

It’s in the moments of life that seem meaningless or routine that I’m trying to see as epic and recognize God’s presence.

Taco Tuesday at our friends’ house every week as we have since 2013? Routine.
Out for a run? Mindless.
Looking out my office window at the sunshine or rain? Standard.

These are the times of my day I’m trying to remind myself, “God is in this moment.”

God’s presence can be felt the same whether on a mountain top, laughing in the living room of your closest friend, or sipping your morning cup of coffee in your favorite chair before the world wakes up.

I want to encourage you, in those meaningless moments of life, recognize the presence of God. Maybe, when we recognize the presence of God in every moment of our lives, we’ll also recognize how epic every moment is.

Jordan White

Jordan is a part of our Christ’s Church family and has previously served on our staff team for many years in worship and communication.

Jordan is pictured here with his wife, Lauren.

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