Every Summer, Camp Maranatha becomes a haven of adventure, learning, friendship, and spiritual growth for kids entering Kindergarten through 6th grade. Instead of just telling you about the wonders of camp, we thought we’d let some of our Christ’s Church campers share their own experiences. Here’s what they had to say about Camp Maranatha:

What is your favorite thing about camp? 

“Every time I leave from camp, I feel new and happy and also blessed that I was able to go and just thankful that God has brought this into my life.” – Taliah, age 11

 “Zip line! Zip line! Zip Line! It’s my favorite.” – Millie, age 8

“Everything. I like swimming and dodgeball a lot.” – Elliot, age 8

“Learning about Jesus and having fun with friends. I like the zip line too!” – Declan, age 10

“Swimming with my friends.” – Josie, age 6

“Hanging out with friends and learning about God.” – Emersyn, age 12

“Getting to learn more about God and getting to spend time with friends.” – Keagan, age 12

“Swimming!!” – Heath, age 10

“My favorite thing about camp is the singing and worship. I also like swimming and archery.” – Tieryn, age 9

“My favorite things were the bounce house, swimming, and the archery.” – Tatum, age 12

 “The zip line!!” – Titus, age 12

What is one thing you’ve learned at camp? 

“I learned about that you can love God all of your heart, all of your strength and all of your mind.” – Keagan, age 12

“I learned that God is our Savior.” – Tieryn, age 9

“One thing I have learned at camp is fellowship.” – Emersyn, age 12

“All about Queen Esther’s life, and when she went to talk to King Xerxes…” – Titus, age 12

“Everyone sins even if they are really trying to honor God.” – Josie, age 6

“I learned to trust Jesus and tell others about him. We also learned about missions.” – Elliot, age 8

One thing I have learned at camp is that being there really does change you and your personality and it especially makes your relationship with God and other Christians stronger.” – Taliah, age 11

“I learned to be humble and not hurting other people. To live like Jesus.” – Declan, age 10

“The mission work of Jesus.” – Tripp, age 6

“I learned that God is faithful. And will always be with us.” – Tatum, age 12

What are you looking forward to most this year at camp?

“Archery and swimming with my friends!” – Tripp, age 6

“I can’t wait to talk with my friends, sing, swim, eat, and spend time with God!” – Tieryn, age 9

“I am really looking forward to being there with my friends, doing the church clap and of course zip lining!” – Taliah, age 11

“Sleeping in the dorms. I like that! I love my class. I get to make new friends… That is it for me.” – Millie, age 8

“Ziplining, the pool, my friends, worshipping Jesus and singing songs by the campfire. Really everything!” – Declan, age 10

“I am looking forward to learning and playing with my friends this year at summer camp! Oh and the church clap!” – Emersyn, age 12

“Archery and learning.” – Elliot, age 8

“I’m looking forward to everything at camp. I am just really looking forward to it!” – Josie, age 6

At Camp Maranatha, each day is filled with moments of joy, learning, and time with Jesus, and campers leave every year with lasting memories and a stronger connection to God and friends. We can’t wait to see you this summer!

Maranatha Bible Camp

Maranatha Bible Camp is a year-round ministry dedicated to bringing the best in Christian, Bible-based camp experiences. The mission of Maranatha is to challenge all people, especially children and youth, to know Jesus Christ and to mature in Him.

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