Joplin, MO

For more than fifty years, CIY has always found the best ways to create moments that inspire Kingdom Work. Methods change but the hope of the Gospel remains the same. And even as the needs of the local church change, CIY is still working on Her behalf. By amplifying the call of Christ on student lives, three generations of servants, workers, missionaries and church leaders have responded to that call. Today, CIY works in partnership with the local church, providing more than 100 annual program events for students and leaders across the United States and in more than ten foreign countries.

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Shaped By CIY by Olivia Honey

“I have been on 6 Christ In Youth trips throughout my childhood and developing years, and it is these trips that I attribute many relationships that have helped form me into the person that God has created me to be. It is these trips that have brought me some of my closest friendships and mentors that hold me accountable, pray with and for me, celebrate my victories, as well as sit with me in my sadness…”

Grow in Prayer and Generosity.

Three ways to pray right now:


Pray that students who attended CIY conferences this summer would grow in their faith throughout the school year.


Pray for CIY as they host SuperStart events each Spring where pre-teens are engaged in the worship of God and challenged to do Kingdom Work.


Pray for the CIY team as they plan for the events that will take place in the upcoming year.