Central India Christian Mission


India is located within the 10/40 window that is home to the majority of the world’s unreached people groups. CICM has a team of dedicated church planters who regularly start new ministries in these unreached regions. Additionally, CICM has 3 Bible colleges, 5 children’s homes, a nursing school, mission hospital and other ministries that equip and raise up church planters.

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Love your Neighbors, Before They Eat You

“Ministry to these families began when a young woman asked him to go and pray for this unreached people group — the Pawe Jati. What Amit didn’t know was that their ancestors came from the West Indies and they practice cannibalism…”

Grow in Prayer and Generosity.

Three ways to pray right now:


Pray for our church leaders who face persecution in the face of their ministries. Ask the Lord to strengthen them with peace and courage.


Pray for our children’s ministries that they would help the children see that the Lord is good and they would come to put their trust in Him.


Pray for our medical services to be helpful to the communities we are a part of. Ask the Lord to glorify himself in this ministry as the True Healer.