Ethan & Audrey Greer

Sendai, Japan

Ethan and Audrey serve with Mustard Seed to plant churches in Japan. Most of Japan is considered unreached which means people haven’t had the chance to hear the Good News about Jesus. The Greers started out serving with a church in Osaka and are currently working with a church plant in Sendai, Japan.

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Grow in prayer and generosity.

Three ways to pray right now:


Pray that the Greers create and have a life-giving home for their children as well as everyone else who enters.


Pray for the team in Sendai to live holy lives of self-sacrificial love toward one another and the people of Sendai.


Pray for Mustard Seed Christian Church – Sendai to be filled with the love of God so that we overflow in generosity, hospitality, and bold, eager evangelism.