Kenroy & Stephanie Clarke


Caribbean Missions is dedicated to the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the region. Kenroy is the pastor at Church Village Church of Christ on the island of Barbados. He travels extensively throughout the islands, preaching and teaching the word of God. They are also working with other leaders to start new churches in the Caribbean.

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Faith and Concrete by Stephanie Clarke

“If you listened carefully, you would’ve heard the voices of our children above the clangorous sound of that old concrete mixer. Laced with a bit of laughter and a few grimaces, they shoveled the sand and stone from the top of the heap into their buckets, some taking a little longer than others to fill them to the brim. Some, who were short of a shovel, even scooped the gravel by hand. It’s a back-breaking, hand-blistering kind of work, yet they came in the heat of the afternoon sun, full of excitement, to lend a hand to those who had been moving the sediments since early that morning…”

Grow in Prayer and Generosity.

Three ways to pray right now:


Pray for wisdom and patience for the ministry staff to find creative ways to reach children and teens who have been used to living in isolation and language deprivation.


Pray for protection for Deaf children living in unstable or abusive environments, who often lack government protection due to their deafness, which allows the cycle of abuse to persist.


Pray for progress on our work to make Biblical training and mental health resource videos available in Mexican Sign Language for the Deaf community in Mexico free of charge.