Mac & Olivia Johnson


Mac & Olivia Johnson serve with Proem Ministries and have two daughters, Heidi, and Hallie. They have been living in Poland since February of 2019 in the city of Piotrków Trybunalski. As evangelists and church planters, they serve through various programs and projects to connect people to the hope and freedom that can only be found in Jesus.

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Meet the Johnsons by Mac Johnson

“As it turned out, the European vacation I was expecting ended up being a grueling service project in the basement of a nursing home in a not-so-pleasant city, scraping plaster and paint (which I am convinced contained asbestos) off the walls. Sitting in a hotel room after the day’s work I saw in my mind’s eye the word Here.”

Grow in prayer and generosity.

Three ways to pray right now:


New relationships with refugees and refugee workers in our city would yield opportunities for us to meet needs and share the Gospel.


Wisdom and effectiveness in creating a ministry/leadership academy so that Polish pastors and teachers can receive theological and pastoral training.


That as a family the Johnsons would continue to grow in our affections toward the Father and to speak boldly about the grace and truth that is found in Christ.