Cambodia, Thailand, Haiti & Joplin, MO

In 2003, Rapha International began an aftercare program for underage female survivors rescued from slavery and sexual exploitation in Battambang, Cambodia. Today, Rapha is an international organization that has won the favor of the governments in the countries in which it works. The Rapha International model is to recruit and equip local staff who are qualified and passionate about combatting child slavery, sexual exploitation, and abuse in their own countries. Each of Rapha’s aftercare programs implements a holistic approach to healing. In 2009, Rapha began serving trafficking victims in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and opened its first prevention program – Kids Club – in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In 2012, another Kids Club location was established in Battambang, Cambodia. Rapha began its work with trafficking survivors in Haiti in 2014 and opened both an aftercare facility in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and a Kids Club location in Mae Sot, Thailand in 2016. In 2020, Rapha opened up its Rapha Hope & Healing Center in Joplin, Missouri. This ministry exists to provide trauma-focused therapy for child, teen, and adult survivors of a variety of traumas, including violence, sexual abuse, and trafficking, in order to promote lifelong hope and healing.

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Saved in Translation by Darrin King

“Have you ever had the experience of being ‘lost in translation’? It usually refers to (sometimes funny) things that happen when translation is attempted across languages. If you’ve seen the 2003 film Lost in Translation, you may agree with director Sofia Coppola that the phrase also refers to ‘things being disconnected, and looking for moments of connection.’ One of my own experiences might be described in that way.”

Grow in Prayer and Generosity.

Three ways to pray right now:


Pray for God to continue to work through the girls doing the hard work of healing, that they would trust in Him to make a way.


Pray for children in Cambodia, Thailand, and Haiti who long for hope. Pray that our staff would have wisdom daily, knowing how best to show them love.


Pray for each survivor to know how intrinsically valuable and how deeply loved they are.