Corporate Prayer

Corporate prayer is when all of God’s people join in speaking with him through liturgy, song, or unified intercession.

Corporate prayer is when the people of God gather together to speak to God. This can be done through liturgy, song, or simply gathering to speak to him in conversation. The point is that the prayers of many unite our hearts to each other and to God. This is clearly seen in Acts 4 when the people gather to speak to God on behalf of the resistance to the Gospel they were encountering, and it says that when they were done the whole place shook and God gave them confidence to declare the Gospel with even more boldness.

James 5 also acknowledges that there are times for believers to gather to pray when there is sickness, sin, or suffering. The prayers of God’s saints always reach his ears, and so his invitation to us is one of grace and joy. Find some people to pray with in a home, a church, or a coffee shop, and simply spend some time with your Father.

Pathways is meant to show you key avenues to commune with God, so that our lives are characterized by living them with him.  Through Pathways we can KNOW GOD, GROW IN GOD, and GO WITH GOD.

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