Committing Scripture to memory means you won’t always have to have a Bible to be with God in his Word.

Scripture is God’s thoughts in a language we can understand, and therefore it is useful for teaching, warning, correcting, and righteousness. It shows us the story of God and the will of God, and helps bring clarity to how we enjoy God. 

Memorizing God’s word becomes a great opportunity to memorize his story and will. You won’t always have to have a Bible in your hand to hear him speak, but can reflect on the truth at any given moment.

Jesus specifically models how useful this is when Satan attempts to ruin God’s plan and tempt Jesus from his ordained purpose. Jesus is able to refuse Satan, and defeat his lies because he has the Word hidden in his heart. Scripture can become weaponized against evil in a way that dashes it to pieces when it tries to strike us. 

Below are some resources you can use for memorization, and passages that you can start with.



Pathways Podcast:
Bible (part 1)

Scott & Peter discuss daily bible reading, memorizing, and meditating on Scripture. 

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Pathways is meant to show you key avenues to commune with God, so that our lives are characterized by living them with him.  Through Pathways we can KNOW GOD, GROW IN GOD, and GO WITH GOD.

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