Singing is a beautiful way to articulate through meter, rhythm, and rhyme stunning truth that both becomes your heart’s expression and an offering for God’s glory.

Singing has always been a part of the gatherings of God’s people. This is because songs are the medium by which truth can be packaged, memorized, and expressed either by an individual or by many all at one time. Songs utilize different cadence, melody, rhythm and rhyme to articulate our deepest emotions and longings and put them under the Lordship of Christ. It becomes a heart language that fills and pours out a delight for our soul and glory to our God. 

This can be done with God’s community, but it is also a great way to be with God and glorify him on your own. Whether this is in your own intentional space, the drive to work, or time in the shower, filling our lives with songs are great ways to pray the things our hearts are feelings and align them with the character and promises of God.

Below we have curated different playlists that may be a helpful start to learning songs that speak truth and glorify God.

A few playlists to get you started.

  • Recommend: a playlist filled with groups of three songs we think you should know about by artists we think you’ll love.
  • Weekly Set List: songs we will sing together when we gather on Thursday and Sunday.
  • Coming Soon: a sneak peak of songs we love before they are introduced from stage.
  • Worship: our “catch all” worship collection providing you with close to 3 days worth of music.

Most Recent
Worship Gathering

Nothing compares to being surrounded by friends, family, neighbors and strangers all singing together, but in case you were unable to gather this week, you can sing along with what went on.

Kitchen Karaoke

A collection of some of our favorite songs for singing, shouting, and dancing around in your living room. If the lyrics don’t show up in the video, click the CC button on the bottom left corner of the video and it will provide the lyrics as captions.

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