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What Is Generations?

We have some big opportunities in front of us to do some radical new things that no other generation has had the opportunity to do. We’ve all benefitted from the sacrifice of others, and it’s our turn to plant and to build so that others may experience the goodness of the Gospel. There are four opportunities for us in the next two years to build and plant on our engagement in the Gospel. An opportunity to make a difference in a community in which we will never set foot. An opportunity to create a space where our co-workers and friends can encounter Jesus for the first time in a non-threatening environment. An opportunity to make physical building improvement so that our kids can have age-appropriate discipleship opportunities. And an opportunity to build a new venue so that our expression of worship can expand and our available room for new guests can increase. The Generations Campaign is not going to happen by accident or by waiting for someone else to do it. Instead, it will happen by God moving in the hearts of this generation. We have an opportunity to respond to Him and to commit to a deeper level of trust and sacrifice for the next two years. Let’s bet on God together, trust in his promises together, and sacrifice together so that the hope of new life in Jesus can go out from this very usable farmland to new generations.

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